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Welcome to the world of coal burning where there are equal amounts of art and science involved in starting your stove.
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The Antique Stove Association Quarterly Newsletter

The Correct Price for An Antique Stove
An article from the Summer 2020 issue that discusses how to gauge the cost and worth of an antique stove.
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Art and The Stove Trade
An article from the Spring 2017 issue that discusses Mr. John R Chapin's paper, "Art Principles as Applied to Stove Construction and Ornamentation."
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Omaha Stove Repair Works
An article from the Summer 2016 issue that discusses a few examples of great art work by American companies that supplied the stove industry.
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Sibley Stove
An article from the Summer 2016 issue that discusses Henry Sibley and the Sibley Stove
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The oldest Known Hearth Found in Israel Cave
An article from National Geographic
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